Children Jelly Band - Silicone

Essential fun and stylish bands for Children which are waterproof. White silicone with a printed red, bold medical caduceus symbol. On either side of the symbol are two holes for jelly buttons, allowing up to four buttons per bracelet. Choose any or all of the buttons for your allergy or Diabetes, for example, fish – for fish and seafood allergies or Diabetes and Insulin dependent for Diabetes. Bright buttons with pictures make wearing this bracelet fun for children of all ages. ITEM DETAILS
  • White silicone band;
  • Adjustable with plastic snaps;
  • Works with our interchangeable silicone buttons;
  • One size fits most kids;
  • Buttons sold separately;
  • Product is Imported under licence to Style Alert Medical ID Jewellery.

Jelly Band Silicone - R200.00
Adjustable  - One size fits all. One size fits most children. These bands are best suited for kids with wrists from 4.5” – 6.5”/ 11.43cm – 16.51cm

 All Jelly Buttons cost - R100.00