Street Survival

This course is based on a street survival syllabus. It ranges from arresting techniques to two-man suspect control and arrest. It also includes a CQB section.

Topics include:

  • Firearm retention in and out the holster;
  • Pressure point compliance;
  • Edged weapon avoidance;
  • Single officer take downs;
  • Multi-officer take downs and arresting techniques;
  • Vehicle extraction;
  • Joint manipulation with ASP or tactical pen.

Less lethal options:

  • Pepper spray;
  • ASP baton;
  • CQB workshops or courses.

Urban and rural survival:

  • Fully customized bags which include various survival items;
  • Bug out bags (24, 48, 72 hour);
  • Emergency rations and refills for bug out bags;
  • Every day carry survival pouch (essentials for fire starting, navigation and water purification).

Basic wilderness survival training. This includes the basics on:

  • Map reading;
  • Finding and building shelter;
  • Water procurement;
  • Fire starting;
  • Finding food.