Who is Chris Ralph?

Chris Ralph is a dynamic and passionate individual that has spent his entire professional life in the close protection field. Founder and acting Managing Director of Vikenwolf Industries, he is constantly exploring new ways of defence and security in his quest to protect his clients. His motto is to keep things logical and simple. When disaster strikes our minds freezes and we tend to forget which leg to kick with or how long to pause before a punch. Chris makes remembering easy with his daring humour and effective techniques. Realistic in his approach, he concentrates on teaching skills that gets embedded in the mind. His remarkable journey started in 2004 when he entered the security industry

Jobs skills gained over the past 13 years:

  • Started out as a member of the strike team providing security at strikes or civil disputes.
  • Special events security.
  • High risk vehicle escorting of valuable cargo.
  • Was part of the implementation process dealing with in-house firearms and close quarter combat training.
  • Did security driving escorting IT engineers in high risk areas.
  • Close protection operative qualified.
  • ITA Firearms Instructor’s course which included an advanced instructor rating with handgun, rifle and shotgun (ITA Instructor number I 50203).
  • Completed a Special Weapons and Tactics course (S.W.A.T) covering team based operational training, tactical proficiency with handgun, shotgun and rifle. Still assists part time as an instructor at Defensive Training Concepts in Alberton.
  • Operation and implementation of security operations for tour groups visiting South Africa.
  • Was part of the 2010 World Cup event ranging from event security to close protection details.
  • International protection experience in Mumbai India.